Supply Chain den Experten überlassen

15 Jul 2017

Elsen ebnet Azubis den Weg in die Chefetage

08 Jul 2017

Analyse zeigt Einspar- potenzial von 15%

15 Jun 2017

Struktur senkt Logistikkosten drastisch

02 Jun 2017

Logistic Messe 2017 in München

31 May 2017

Kosten sparen durch Frachtenmanagment

17 May 2017

Fazit transport logistic 2017

16 May 2017

Chaindson optimiert Verpackungsprozesse

04 May 2017

Logistik Check-Up im Gesundheitswesen

27 Apr 2017

Staatliche Förderung nutzen

02 Apr 2017

Seien Sie erfolgreich auf und neben dem Feld

28 Mar 2017

Unternehmensgruppe ELSEN optimiert Werkslogistik

27 Oct 2016

Schnellere Zollab- fertigung bei Elsen dank AEO-Status

27 Oct 2016

Unternehmensgruppe ELSEN lädt zur ersten Ausbildungsmesse ein

24 Sep 2016

Logistik-Outsourcing-Projekt bei Siemens

12 Jul 2016

ELSEN stockt für Siemens-Auftrag auf

12 Jun 2016

Chaindson zieht erfolgreiches Fazit

02 Jun 2016

Multi-User-Warehouse Wittlich

26 Apr 2016

1. Healthcare Symposium der Chaindson GmbH

01 Mar 2016

Chaindson etabliert sich erfolgreich am Markt

28 Jan 2016

ELSEN erhält ISF-Zertifikat

01 Oct 2015

Luft- und Seefracht aus einer Hand

28 Aug 2015

Ab Oktober müssen auch 7,5-Tonner zahlen

28 Aug 2015

Pool Plus - Konzept zur Bereitstellung

29 Jul 2015

Freie Lagerfläche in Neuwied

29 Jul 2015

Teilladungen mit System transportieren

28 Jul 2015

Regalinspektion nach DIN EN 15635

25 Jun 2015

Training für neue Mitarbeiter: „Stapler 64“

25 Jun 2015

Chaindson Logistik Check-Up

29 May 2015

ELSEN zieht erfolgreiches Fazit

15 May 2015

ELSEN bietet auf der transport logistic Freight-Check an

04 May 2015

Unternehmensgruppe ELSEN Facility Management

Warum bieten wir die Elsen Unternehmens Gruppe die Dienstleistung Facility Management an?
18 Mar 2015

Garantiert Einsparungen bei den Frachtkosten

28 Feb 2015

Chaindson bietet Logistik- und Personalberatung

28 Feb 2015

Elsen präsentiert Portfolio auf der LogiMAT

15 Feb 2015

Supply Chain Solutions

Due to continuous growth of the Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) Group as a division of ELSEN Logistik GmbH over the past six years, we decided to outsource the latter's consulting activities from 30 June 2013.

We founded the independent consulting company Chaindson GmbH & Co. KG on 1 July 2013.

Logistics Operations

Logistics Operations is the hands-on business unit of the ELSEN Group. It is responsible for all the logistics processes of a customer. This ensures a high degree of quality and flexibility, whether on the customer's premises or in our own logistics centres. Logistics Operations also implements newly conceived measures, including ones that have been specially developed by our own Supply Chain Unit (Chaindson) with the help of the Logifactoring model.

Quality Management

We perform a wide variety of quality-related tasks, from simple repacking and re-labelling, through to microscopic tests. In short, everything to guarantee our clients a smooth supply chain with the shortest possible lead times.

Personnel Management

CON-LOG Logistik and Consulting GmbH and LogiPower GmbH & Co. KG are the personnel service providers within the ELSEN Group. Since the establishment of CONLOG in 2003 and LOGIPOWER in 2010, we have been assisting clients throughout Germany.

Transport Solutions

With our own fleet, reliable and professional partners, and trained and responsible drivers, we deliver full and partial loads throughout Europe – quickly and transparently. If required, we can integrate our transport solution into the procurement and service processes as part of an integrated logistics structure.

Shared Services

With our Shared Services Unit, we offer our clients the option of placing administrative processes and services that are not part of their core competencies into our hands. May we offer you a little more? Be it facility management, purchasing or marketing/PR – we offer you a comprehensive portfolio of services, ranging from our caretaker service, to the execution of tenders, through to events management.

Urheber ELSEN Holding GmbH
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