Transport Solutions

Transport Solutions

With our own fleet, reliable and professional partners, and trained and responsible drivers, we deliver full and partial loads throughout Europe – quickly and transparently. If required, we can integrate our transport solution into the procurement and service processes as part of an integrated logistics structure. Together with our Supply Chain Solutions Unit, we can also present holistic solutions that ensure a balance between transportation and inventory.

Vehicle fleet

Our 50 vehicle strong own fleet located in Wittlich and Trebbin-Thyrow (Berlin) is always technically state-of-the-art. It consits of: Mega- and standard trailers (canvas cover and steel trunk)
BDF swap body trucks
Customized special vehicles All vehicles meet the reqiurements for the transport of dangerous goods.

Land Transport

Together with our land transport experts from Luxembourg and Trebbin-Thyrow (Berlin) and by means of our „Rate Engine“ we have national and international access to over 3500 freight carriers. Thus allowing us to ensure that we provide your desired quantity of cargo space. We promise daily high-performance loadings/shipments of your partial- and full loads throughout Europe.
We furthermore develop individually tailored solutions, such as Trailer Yard Systems, together with our clients.
As a matter of course, all of our freight carriers are previously audited through our standardized process.

Air & Sea

Through a global network of partners and agents, with 500 offices in more than 135 countries, we offer our clients a one-stop service in the area of air and sea freight. Tailored to our clients' requirements with regard to the type of goods, the delivery terms and the desired service, we provide advice as well as organising and executing all air and sea freight shipments for imports and exports (including all customs formalities).

To our special services

Transportation Management

With our Lead Logistics concept, our experience and our infrastructure, we make logistics more efficient. Together with our clients, we develop an integrated, cost-optimised concept and implement it into the existing structure, or we can even execute it ourselves.

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