LKW der Spedition Hubert Elsen Wittlich

A modern logistics company

with nearly 150 years of history

ELSEN since 1870

From the foundation and the beginning of the company to the turmoil during and after world wars I & II until today. We have broken down our eventful history in different stages for you. Take a look into our mora than 150 years of history and learn more about how a small forwarding company evolved into an innovative logistics company. We hope you enjoy!

2000 – Today


The personnel service providers "CONLOG Logistik und Consulting GmbH" and "LogiPower GmbH & Co KG" merged into " CONLOG GmbH & Co KG"


Digitalisierung in der Logistik

ELSEN establishes new division Digital Office and Transformation

To start off the year, the ELSEN group arranged the new division Digital Office and Transformation, forwarding the digitalization internally as well as for our clients’ projects and expanding our capacities in that area. The goal: a significant efficiency enhancement through automation. Furthermore, it should streamline logistical procedures and reduce cost. A team of business analysts, programmers and project engineers are therefore examining all procedures and structures.


LKW Logistikunternehmen

Delivery of the 850th MAN

The 850th MAN truck was delivered. Our managing partners Volker Groß and Wolfgang Groß-Elsen and our fleet manager Roman Goergen were all at MAN in Munich on this occasion. The truck was approved on 07.06.18 and is used by the disposition in Ludwigsfelde for long-haul transports


  • ELSEN Logistics obtained the largest Multi-User-Warehouse of the group in Nürnberg/Fürth with 18.000 qm storage space
  • The consulting company Chaindson organized a “Health Care Logistics” symposium in Höhr-Grenzhausen
  • The Next-Generation-Program is brought into life to enhance the careers of junior employees





  • A multiannual contract for intra logistical services is agreed upon with a DAX-company


Unternehmensgruppe Elsen
  • Our in-house consulting company Chaindson GmbH & Co. KG is founded. Today almost 20 consultants, analyst and project managers are employed at Chaindson.


Sporthalle in Koblenz
  • The Con-Log Logistics and Consulting GmbH is awarded a 5 year contract for the name rights of Koblenz´s prestigious Event-Arena


  • The LogiPower GmbH & Co. KG. is founded as an additional provider for personnel services
  • First time that over 1000 workers are employed at the Elsen group
  • In Gliwice (Poland) we acquired a 5500 qm² large logistic center for a customer of the automotive industry


  • LogiPower enters the Polish market
  • We are awarded a multiannual intra logistical contract in the tire industry


  • Elsen obtains new 17.000 m² warehouse facility in Koblenz-Lützel
  • We accepted the operational logistical activities for a customer from the aviation industry


  • ELSEN exclusively takes over the distribution for a leading drug store chain in Poland
  • First consulting contract in South America


  • Our management moves in to the new ELSEN Logistics Center, Justus-von-Liebig-Straße 2, 54516 Wittlich
  • Gerhard Groß remains shareholder solely in the Hubert Elsen GmbH & Co. KG.
  • Founding of the ELSEN Holding GmbH as a holding company by the shareholders Wolfgang Groß-Elsen, Volker Groß and Thomas Klein (still).


  • The business unit “system traffic” at our locations Wittlich, Neunkirchen and Polch are sold to the company Hellmann Worldwide Logistics
  • ELSEN joins the cooperation E.L.V.I.S. AG (European Cargo Federation of International Freight Forwarders)


  • Karl Elsen, shareholder, passes away
  • The new business area personnel leasing is established by the Con-Log Logistik u. Consulting GmbH


  • The Con-Log Logistik und Consulting GmbH is formed by another major intra logistical contract
  • Elsen Logistyka sp.z o.o. sp.k is founded in Poland. The operational activities are incorporated at our facility in Gorzow/Wielkopolskie


  • The first intra logistical contract leads to the founding of ELSEN Logistik GmbH in Mühlheim-Kärlich
  • The whole ELSEN group receives DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certification


  • ELSEN becomes shareholder of the System Alliance GmbH, as successor of Fortras and System Gut
  • The groupage freight cooperation System Alliance at ELSEN-facilities Polch, Wittlich, Luxembourg and Neunkirchen develops into a leading provider of national and international system traffic in Europe
LKWs in den neunziger Jahre

1990 to 1999


  • Company splits into ELSEN GmbH & Co. KG Internationale Spedition (operator) and Hubert Elsen GmbH & Co. KG (owner)
  • Delivery of the 500th MAN truck
  • The facilities Polch (1996) and Neunkirchen (1997) obtain new modern forwarding systems


  • ELSEN becomes co-founder of CODIS – Consumer Goods Distribution System – logistics for food trade
  • Acquisition of the System Gut enterprises at our facilities in Wittlich and Neunkirchen


  • The business unit furniture transport is sold
  • First ISO 9002 certification for the company


  • Acquisition of operating parts of groupage freight from the transport company Lorang/Luxembourg
  • Acquisition of the transport services Hillesheim, Mayen and advertising agency of the paper mill in Weig, Mayen


  • ELSEN becomes co-founder of FORTRAS and expands its groupage freight company nationally and internationally
  • Acquisition of business activities of our associated company R&F Spedition in East Berlin
  • Founding of our facility in Neunkirchen/Saarland

1945 to 1989


  • Wolfgang Groß, Karl Elsen´s nephew, becomes new shareholder and managing director of the company after Josef Elsen´s resignation


  • Relocation and expansion of shipping facilities from Kalkturmstraße to Rudolf-Dieselstraße


  • Gerhard Groß becomes additional shareholder


  • Due to the entrepreneurial spirit of Karl Elsen and the support of his wife, his brother Josef Elsen and Gerhard Groß, the brother of Hilde Elsen, the firm evolved into an international transport company
  • The growth lead to the founding of more permanent facilities in Berlin, Trier, Köln, and Koblenz, as well as the subsidiary company ELSEN Transports S.á.r.l. in Grevenmacher, Luxembourg. It also lead to the relocation of corporate headquarters from Tiergartenstraße to Kalkturmstraße in Wittlich.


  • The son, Karl Elsen, began to rebuild the company right after his return from war captivity in the spring of 1946

1870 to 1944


  • Destruction of company property and fleet of trucks during the bombing of Wittlich in World War II
  • Hubert Elsen was killed during this attack


  • Hubert Elsen buys first truck
  • In the mid 1920´s the last horses were sold and trucks were purchased


Geschäftsführer der ELSEN
  • Dominik Elsen hands over the company to his son Hubert Elsen


Gründer des Fuhrunternehmens ELSEN
  • The then 20 year old Dominik Elsen founded the haulage company ELSEN
  • Timber and furniture transport, as well as transports for coal trading and the construction of horse-drawn carriages, were the main activity at that time