Logistics Center Wittlich

Logistics center Wittlich

Highest professionalism through industry-specific solutions

On an area of more than 20,000 m², we enable our customers to achieve maximum efficiency at our logistics location in Wittlich. Through intelligent and efficient processes as well as flexible use of various equipment, we optimize your flow of goods and execute all picking techniques and retrieval strategies you require. With state-of-the-art batch tracing, certified quality management and highly trained logistics personnel, including AEO and IFS-Logistics, we stand for professional, hygienic handling of goods. Therefore, you can also rely on us for food logistics. You choose the level of integration into our IT environment that suits your process: from manual delivery order entry to the import of a wide variety of file formats to fully integrated data exchange via EDI. All processes are individually tailored to your needs and mapped via our Infor WMS. With a wide variety of value-added services, we offer you additional value-added services to optimize your value chain. Here, you benefit from our distinctive depth of services and our logistical know-how.

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Logistics center

in Wittlich

Our logistics team at the Wittlich site is looking for reinforcement!

We are looking for pickers/forklift drivers in full time, part time and on 450€ basis.

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The Wittlich site at a glance

Total area


Warehouse area of


current shelf space


Truck in incoming/outgoing goods

70 per day

Office area

1.600 m²

11 Customers

from 3 countries

Special features at the location

Lean Management & Certifications

As a logistics partner, we control all goods movements and optimize the overall logistics process of your company at our site. We carry out all picking techniques and retrieval strategies required by you. Our certified quality management according to ISO 9001:2015 helps us to do this, as does our lean culture and stringent KPI management. As experts, we develop, implement and operate flexible storage solutions that are fully tailored to your business requirements. Depending on the goods, we use different types of storage, for example high-bay warehouses, block storage or even small parts storage. Each item is handled in accordance with customer-specific and legal requirements. We are supported in this by our IFS-Logistics certification and our AEO-F certificate as an authorized economic operator. To this end, we practice sustainable employee training and combine the efficiency of lean logistics with state-of-the-art system and process applications.

Internal customs clearance incl. OZL

With our own customs department we take over the complete customs process for our customers on request, from the acceptance of customs shipments to their customs clearance via interface to the main customs office. Export declarations of own or traded goods to all third countries are also part of our daily business. Our AEO-F certification, as an authorized economic operator, certifies both the simplifications under customs law and our trustworthiness as a business partner, as well as our compliance with appropriate security standards to safeguard the entire supply chain. In connection with our Open Customs Warehouse (OZL), we offer our customers the possibility to temporarily store the goods without paying customs duty. The big advantage: as long as the goods are in the bonded warehouse procedure, trade policy measures such as punitive tariffs or import bans do not come into effect. Processing measures are also possible within the OZL without having to clear the goods through customs.

Well-founded know-how in food logistics

In order to create the best possible conditions for your products, the temperature and humidity in all hall areas are continuously monitored and recorded. In addition, we precisely match all goods, especially those in food logistics, with the data in the shipping notification using the Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC), among other things. Only process-controlled incoming goods inspections, coupled with a functioning IT landscape, can ensure the complete traceability of foodstuffs. For this purpose, we use mobile data acquisition devices (MDE) and customer-owned data. We are masters of professional storage, hygienic handling of food and its primary packaging, as well as the Value Added Services (VAS) required for your orders. A continuous MHD and batch tracking is tested and standardized by our IFS certification. These procedures can of course be applied to any goods (e.g. high-value electronics, hygiene products, etc.). Also given quarantine times can be continued by our system. This gives you the advantage of using the quarantine time to transfer goods to us.

Value Added Services

In addition to our extensive standardized service offerings, we also develop individual value-added services on request. All processes are controlled by our own warehouse management system. These range from simple repackaging activities to complete display assembly including loading - also for our customers from the food industry. It is not uncommon for us to take on assembly work or the creation of sets from various articles for our customers - always ensuring complete traceability. With this wide range of different value-added services, we optimize your logistics in all phases of the value chain. With your industry-specific requirements in mind, we combine our various services to create the optimum overall solution for you. All process designs are individually tailored to your needs.

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