Logistics Operations

Logistics Operations

Logistics Operations is the hands-on business unit of the ELSEN Group. It is responsible for all the logistics processes of a customer. This ensures a high degree of quality and flexibility, whether on the customer's premises or in our own logistics centres. Logistics Operations also implements newly conceived measures which have been specifically developed by our own Supply Chain Unit (Chaindson) with the help of the Logifactoring model, for example.


At our multi-user warehouses, we take operational and administrative measures to ensure the smooth execution of all logistics processes. This guarantees a high degree of flexibility in the areas of personnel, space and equipment. It also avoids additional fixed costs as well as enabling fixed logistics costs to be converted into variable ones.

In-house Logistics

As a full-service logistics company, our clients receive our core competencies directly on site, as we take care of all logistics activities, from goods receipt, to production and goods out, all the way through to your customers. Our partners benefit from an optimum space utilisation ratio through the conversion of logistics space into production space, reducing work in progress and increasing productivity. They can thereby concentrate on their own core competencies. We have already been performing in-house logistics projects successfully for many years, particularly in the automotive industry. We also use this know-how on projects for clients in other sectors.

Value Added Services

In addition to our core competencies, our service portfolio also includes comprehensive and flexible value added services. Whether it's quality control, labelling, assembly activities or packaging – we can meet your individual requirements, by executing one-off projects, providing continuous support, or handling all aspects.

Custom Services

As a competent and experienced provider of customs services, we participate in ATLAS/NCTS to facilitate the import and export of various goods, as well as helping our clients individually with all customs requirements, including time- and labour-intensive aspects such as export declarations and customs clearance. Our partners are always up-to-date with the latest customs legislation and the corresponding system adjustments. Our clients can also benefit from our licence to operate a bonded warehouse.

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